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High School Student

High School Students

Renewal Students

Scholarship Changes

Scholarship Changes

Important Dates & Information

  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Top 1/3 of graduating class as of the end of the first semester of senior year
  • Fulltime status at college (typically 12 hours minimum)
  • Remain unmarried during the entire award year
  • Attend an accredited, not-for-profit institution

Application Deadline

Extended to May 15th

Enter only one college or university on the Application and complete all pages

Deadline to submit Student Award Letter from your college or university

July 1st

Once your college or university has prepared your Student Award Letter, send a copy to Independence Bank Trust Department. If you do not submit your Student Award Letter, you will receive a minimum scholarship award.

Payment of Award to College for Fall Semester

Late August

Payment of Award to College for Spring Semester

Late December

Change forms to Independence Bank Trust Department

ASAP when applicable

Complete the Change Form if you change schools or have a change in address or contact information.


The John B. and Brownie Young Memorial Fund is managed by the Independence Bank Trust Department.

Questions may be sent to [email protected].